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My advice to Felons: Never Give Up

    My advice to Felons: Never Give Up When people comment on my tattoos, they usually say “Hey, I like your artwork. Where’d you get that done at?” I usually respond with, “I got it done in a halfway house in Oakland. Right after I got out of federal prison.” I typically use this response when I’m dressed in my work attire, completely professional, face, heels the whole nine with the exception of a sleeve tattoo showing on my bare arms as I adorn my favorite sleeveless Alexia Admor navy blue bodycon dress. I love to bear witness to the shock value. To see their expression as they contemplate whether or not I am being facetious. The hesitant awkward laugh that bubbles forth as some are kind enough not wanting to offend. Then of course there are others who were in the lifestyle and nod and offer daps as if a secret underground Costco membership has been displayed. These folks often contribute with, “That’s what’s up. Where did you do your time? My cousin was down in Victorville…..

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