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  As we gain closure to yet another year, I am reminded to reflect on all that has transpired on this latest journey around the sun. It’s easy to brush off gratitude.   In today’s hectic hustle and bustle very few find time to ponder on the little acts of kindness that over time has positively impacted our lives. We forget how fortunate we are sometimes because of the little things such as your partner being kind enough to fill up your gas tank, or when you lost your ATM card and your co-worker bought you lunch, or when the stranger held the elevator door for you, or even when the doctor told you that the lump in your breast was benign. These are all hypothetical situations, but these examples happen a million times a day to each and every one of us.   Scientific research from UCLA Health indicates that actively practicing daily gratitude for 15 minutes a day has lasting physical and mental health benefits. From reducing depression, lessening anxiety, and even improving sleep quali

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