Pay it Forward recipient : Tammy from Bar 101

Today's Pay it Forward recipient is a bartender from Bar 101 that's located in downtown Roseville. Her name is Tammy. The few times that I've been there to support my brother Jion for open mic night (every Wednesday from 8 pm - 10 pm) she has always been pleasant and affable. I love to support local businesses within my community and especially those that create an avenue for local artists to gather in a positive environment to share their skills and talents.

Tammy is very supportive of the artists and she's really sweet to the regulars and the new comers. She keeps the bar and restaurant clean and stocked up and you never have to wait for a refill on your drink. Good service is hard to find so she definitely is a keeper.

If you're ever visiting Downtown Roseville, stop by Bar 101 on Main St. and pay Tammy a visit.


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