Hi, this is _____ with the Sacramento Bee

So recently I got a random call from a local number that I did not recognize.

"Hi, this is _____ with the Sacramento Bee. Are you receiving the paper right now?"

He goes on to his little spiel trying to get me to commit without just asking me if I want to subscribe or not. I know how everyone says that the paper days are over and that everything is digital now, but I ruminated over whether or not I wanted just the weekend or perhaps the whole 7 days for 10 weeks at blah blah blah.... Anyways, I'm trying to interject and interrupt his script. I ask him how his day was, if he likes his job, yada yada yada. I finally ask him is your call center located in Sacramento? He tells me no it's actually located in Nevada but they handle all the subscription calls for the Sacramento Bee.

Nevada? Errrr, what?

I don't know. Maybe I was having a bad day. Maybe I saw one too many Nevada plates cut me off that week. But I was just irritated that with all the unemployed people in Sacramento our own newspaper had to contract with another state to handle its out bound calls?

I'm tired of businesses not thinking locally. I know maybe it must have been more cost effective. It's not like California makes it easy for businesses to thrive here. It just sucks, you know?

The unemployment rate is staggering and there are no jobs. It would've been nice if the Sacramento Bee kept their call center local. I know I probably would've subscribed that day. I guess I'll just keep getting the Sunday paper out of the Dollar Store like I have been.


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