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Capitol with an "o"

A line up the nose is what prompted your impromptu prose  Too coward to pull the trigger  You hired a contract killer  Do u miss her ?

an incision upon the labial frenulum

Indefatigably it was ingrained that it was meant to be Until the bleeding stopped She no longer wanted to see her life hemorrhaging every day She scraped up enough love inside her vein to walk away And as her heart broke into two all that was left was her beautiful Tattoos

Walk on the Wild Side ....

WE NEED PHONE VOLUNTEERS WCA needs volunteers!  We need the following phone shifts: Monday, Wed, and Sat 9am to 2pm (but they only need to be checked every hour or two) and Tue and Sun 3pm to 9pm. Wildlife Hotline Volunteers are the first point of contact between the concerned caller about a wild animal and Wildlife Care Association. Volunteers will receive training on how to answer questions regarding co-existing with urban wildlife, how to reunite wild parents with their young and how to identify when an animal needs medical care or rehabilitation. If you have a love for wildlife and can effectively communicate with a diverse public, then you will enjoy this rewarding and exciting volunteer opportunity. The best part of being a Volunteer Hotline Specialist is helping local wildlife in the comfort of your own home or at our Wildlife Care Facility. If you are interested in becoming a phone volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at  wcavolunteers@yahoo.