Save a Life ... Donate a kidney.

Wow. Its really been a long time since I have written anything.

My dad was recently diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease . Currently, he has only 12% kidney function. His doctor says although the  damage is irreversible there are a lot ways to stop the deterioration. Aside from his cocktail of prescribed medicine, a healthy diet can go a long way. There is a list of food a mile long that he has to avoid. Certain ingredients that are absolute no-no's. My mom is such an excellent cook, it's been really hard adapting to this change. We all try to buy only healthy snacks at the house only items that he can eat as to not tempt him.

The other day was browsing through my "This American Life" app and listening to random podcasts. I ran across this podcast and listened to a segment about Chaya Lipschutz and her website . Her story inspired me. Long story short, she tries to match kidney donors with patients. For all of those who don't know, once placed on the kidney wait list it could take years to receive a kidney. There are less donors then patients who need them. I plan on donating my kidney to my father hopefully I'll be a right match.

So during my research I found this awesome link: For any of my California subscribers, you can sign up to donate your organs upon death.

Here's a website that debunks a lot of the organ donation myths: Mayo Clinic website .

If you got here so far, thanks for reading.... Here are some photos of my Dad.


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