Waiting at the DMV

Waiting at the DMV sucks. I usually bring my Kindle with me and of course the one day I need it I left it at home. I wonder how much the DMV employees make? It must be hard dealing with the public but the benefits are awesome I bet. At least at the Roseville office the waiting area chairs are spread far apart so that your not breathing down the neck of the person sitting next to you. The security guard here thinks he's pretty bad ass and  he light weight is flirting with the lady who checks everyone in. The security guard has a pencil thin mustache and whenever he walks the floor his black tennis shoes squeak. Well not really squeak. More like mush. On a side note, I listen to these talk show hosts in the mornings. I've been listening to them for years. Like maybe over a decade. Yesterday, the topic was something race related and they were commenting on how the Indian Tribe's adoption rules need to be changed because sometimes they don't have the child's best interest at heart and sometimes there has been abuse within the tribe. So anyways, they go on about how even if the child is one eighty forth Indian that child is considered Indian and therefore would be subject to the Indian tribal laws. One of the hosts commented and said how stupid that was and said so if I'm part such and such blood I would be considered that race. The line that particularly shocked me was when he said:  so if I am part "enner" blood. ...
What did he mean by saying "N-er" blood? Was he referring to the "N" word? That's how I interpreted it. I was super bummed out. I hate it when you like someone and they end up being racist. So I didn't even get to finish what I needed to do at the DMV because the stupid card reader wouldn't take my pin. How lame is that? I should've brought a good old fashioned check. 


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