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  Schizophrenia   Part I   Definition of the Case Study   Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by many symptoms that are different combinations involving feelings thoughts, actions, and relations with the surrounding world. As a consequence of these symptoms, the schizophrenic adopts a way of living that differs from prevailing in the society of which he is a part. The patient often confuses fantasy with reality to live in a private world.   Nature of Disease   The schizophrenic often entertains false beliefs or delusions. The patient may think that he is the victim of persecutors. He may also have perpetual experiences without appropriate external stimulations. For instance, he has hallucinations of hearing voices although nobody is talking to him, or he perceives apparitions without a corresponding external object. Although etiologically, the term schizophrenia means a division or splitting between the different parts of the psyche, the term as used by

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    After the American Revolution, the colonists absorbed three varieties of Republicanism. The first definition was modeled after the ancient history, societal and political view of Greece and Rome. The theory was that Republics could only prosper if they were small in size as well as population. Bastions of integrity and moral fortitude was the standard. Citizens were expected to self sacrifice for the good of all and leaders did not lead for person or financial gain. For exhibiting this homogenous thought, citizens were offered an abundance of opportunity based on equality and fairness. There would be no nobility or aristocracy. Rank or social standing would be based on merit and not wealth or familial blood lines. The only “natural aristocracy” acknowledged would be industrious and honorable men who rose through the ranks through due to talent and virtue regardless of humble beginnings.    The second definition of Republicanism that was also incorporated into the new republic