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Felons pleading for a second chance

  Xxxxxxx,    Thank you for taking the time to inform me of the initial disqualification. I’ve attached an email I sent to Xxxxxx in HR. At the time I was applying for the position of Xxxxxxxxxx. The attached provides a broad overview of the situation; however, due to the magnitude and importance of this application allow me to expound a bit further.  The information received from the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are factually correct. I cannot deny those facts nor dismiss the undismissable. I cannot change the past. But what I have done in the sixteen years since my conviction is to fundamentally change the person who I was. It has been a long hard road to disassociate myself from my criminal past. And not because the choice to do right was difficult. Recidivism was never an option for me. The current system is in place to protect its citizens from becoming victims of crimes. Full disclosures are necessary for people with felonies on their r